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The German Car Blog

  • Discovering the Different Kinds of Reverse Cameras

    Being responsible and cautious while driving is always a priority, especially when it comes down to parking. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Car accidents happen every day, and parking lot dings aren’t uncommon. This is where reverse cameras can come in. These cameras provide you with a clear view of what's happening behind your car, making it a breeze to park. In this blog post, we will cover the different kinds of reverse cameras available and which ones would be perfect for your vehicle.

  • Will Your Seatbelts Pass a Rego Inspection?

    Most vehicle owners understand that if their vehicle reaches a certain age, they may need to present it for a rego inspection. This is also known as a "pink slip" check and is designed to ensure that each vehicle is safe and fit for purpose. If you have bought an older vehicle and need to present it for its first inspection, you will want to ensure that you pass the first time.

  • Considerations When Buying A Roof Basket

    A challenge experienced by outdoor enthusiasts is that they lack sufficient storage space in their vehicles. Although modern vehicles have expansive boot space, outdoor enthusiasts often have too much gear to carry. For instance, they could have camping equipment, bikes, canoes and recovery gear. A roof basket is an instant solution since it allows you to place some items on your roof. However, there are typically too many products to choose from.

  • Experiencing Car Problems? 3 Indications Your Battery May be the Culprit

    Auto electrical problems arise when there is a problem with one or more of the electrical parts and systems in your vehicle. Taking proper care of all the electrical components of your car can help to minimise the need for car electrical repairs. One of the most important electrical parts of your car is the battery. Your car battery is what supplies the power needed to start your car and keep all electrical components powered up.

  • 2 Subtle Signs of Engine Problems Every Car Owner Should Watch Out For

    The engine is the most important part of your car because it produces the power needed to keep you moving on the road. The power that your engine generates is called horsepower. The higher the horsepower of an engine, the greater the amount of power it puts out.  While car engines are generally reliable, they're not invincible. At some point, they may develop problems due to one reason or another. When this happens, ask a qualified mechanic to check your engine and resolve any issue that may be damaging the engine or hurting its performance.

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